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Can Charter Colleges Do Better? Let us Search at Los-angeles

Retailing for charters educational institutions love to discuss their commitment to student accomplishment, civic selection and also the advantages of privatization, however their principal

Audit Committee Meeting – Wednesday 10/22 at 6:30

An Audit Committee meeting will be held on Wednesday 10/22 at 6:30, 3252 Constitution Drive, Bld 11 conference room.

Stockton Unified School District to Authorize Acacia Schools

Acacia Charter Schools Petition Stockton Unified School District to Authorize Schools Attempted Revocation of Charters by New Jerusalem Elementary School District Puts Students in

Stockton Unified School District Agrees to Consider Acacia Charter

Stockton, CA — Stockton Unified School District sent a letter to Tri-Valley Learning Corporation (TVLC) today informing TVLC of the district’s decision to consider the